The RDK Tech Summit is back,
introducing the 2020 Virtual Hackathon!

Over the past few years, the Tech Summit has evolved into a community initiative which has become an important driver for RDK innovation.

Our primary goal is to Collaborate, Differentiate & Innovate together as an open community.

Our three day Tech Summit includes:

~  Industry leaders discussing a deep dive into RDK Roadmaps, new features and profiles ~

~  Operators sharing their hands-on experiences with the wider community ~

~  Hear the latest trends and insights from our panel of experts ~

~ Live Q&A sessions with our speakers ~

~  Presentations of final solutions by our Hackathon teams ~

~ You may attend the Tech Summit without participating in the Hackathon  ~

Hackathon Details and Topics:

The Virtual Hackathon will offer four exciting topics, each led by an industry expert mentor and an RDK Engineering team lead.

There is no charge to participate, but your company must be an RDK Licensee,
and you must be available for training and team meetings.

Hackathon participants will have 2-3 hours per week of customized webinars, training
and team meetings beginning the first week of October.

The 6-week Hackathon culminates in our 3 day Tech Summit, November 17 – 19 from 9:00 AM  to 11:30 AM EST each day,
where teams will present their final solutions to the community.


1. Gaming, ARVR and Android Apps on RDK

Integration of game engine making RDK a platform for developing Augmented Reality experiences and a gaming platform

  • Technology Area: RDK Third-party apps integration, Android engine integration
  • Skillset Required: Runtime engines, Apps migration, Video Graphics and hardware, Game engines, 3D modelling (for ARVR) and Gaming Containerization (for Android apps on RDK)


2. Mesh config on RPi4

WiFi Mesh networking for extended WiFi support is a must-have feature for modern day requirements. RDK-B reference platform Turris Omnia already showcases the hardware capabilities for a WiFi Extender. This activity includes adding support to OpenSync 2.0 Specification in RDK-B.

  • Technology Area: RDK-B, extender, Build system, Reference platform
  • Skillset Required: Yocto, SI, RDK-B, Linux, Porting


3. Security/monitoring
application for the home

(alarm, outdoor camera, temperature,
fire sensors, open windows & doors)

A Lightning based monitoring application on RDK-Video to provide a graphical representation of location and state of smart devices at home by interacting with RDK Broadband stack. This allows monitoring and controlling IoT devices and showing information like WiFi coverage throughout the home layout. Video streaming from RDK-C surveillance can also be integrated, providing a whole home monitoring system.

  • Technology Area: Lightning, RDK, IoT
  • Skillset Required: Runtime C, IoT, Lightning, RDK REST api (for lightning to IoT compoent), WebRTC or RTSP (for RDK-C video streaming)

4. Video conference app on RDK

The TV provides a large screen and comfortable environment, which is well suited for video conferencing. It can be expanded for ‘watch together’ functionality where participants can join, chat, and watch videos together. This will involve video conference app SDK integration and integrating webRTC stream session.

  • Technology Area: RDK SDK integration
  • Skillset Required: RDK build system, SDK integration, Gstreamer Video streaming protocols, webRTC App Integration


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