The no-cost RDK license provides full access to the RDK code, as well as build recipes, manifests, and supporting documentation so that you can start developing. The license also gives additional wiki access, three technical support tickets per year, access to the Video Accelerator, and invitations to our events.

Please use the links below to apply for an RDK License and view a full list of our current licensees.

RDK License Process

  1. RDK Agreement

    • Sign the RDK License to gain access to build recipes and manifest for all RDK profiles
    • Gain access to additional RDK components including our application platform, RDK tool kit, SoC RDK, and OEM firmware
  2. Access Code

    Access source code at licensed under Apache 2.0

  3. Build

    • Use the manifest, build recipes, and source code to build RDK for your target platform
    • Follow build instructions on to build for RDK reference platforms like x86 and Raspberry Pi

RDK License FAQs

How much does the RDK License cost?

RDK is a no-cost license.

How long does it take for my license application to get reviewed and approved?

Most applications are processed within 2 weeks of submission.

Can I make changes to the RDK License agreement?

No changes are permitted to the RDK License agreement.

My subsidiary or parent company already has an RDK License. Do I need to get my own license?

Yes, you are required to have your own license.

Does my RDK License transfer if my company is acquired?

The RDK License does not automatically transfer to the acquirer. You must obtain the prior written consent of RDK in order to assign or transfer the RDK License.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Email for more information on the RDK License.