Latest Innovations


RDK6 is our newest open source software release, supporting both IP and Hybrid set-top boxes. It integrates over-the-top (OTT) video apps through the Firebolt™ framework, standardizing interfaces for video playback, digital rights management (DRM), graphics, and security.

RDK6 builds upon previous RDK releases to further simplify app development, enhance security, and standardize functionality across diverse set-top box hardware. Visit the RDK wiki to learn more details about RDK6, the platforms that have been certified, and how it enables innovation across the video device ecosystem.

Key capabilities and benefits of RDK6 include:

  • Support for various DRM solutions, video security integrations, and the WebKit browser

  • Improved efficiency of video app integration and core video functionality management across chipsets and device manufacturers

  • A new RDK certification test suite to ensure consistency and performance of your devices

  • Device-agnostic downloadable application containers for native video apps and AppArmor-based access control

  • Containerized browser instances for Lightning™ or HTML5 streaming apps

  • Unified Application Interface with Firebolt™

LightningJS 3.0:

Lightning™, a JavaScript-based app development language, provides a lightweight, highly-efficient UI framework for app developers. LightningJS 3.0 adds new features like improved Font rendering, Batched rendering, Dynamic shaders, and Multithreading. Visit for details. 

Global Streaming Apps:

RDK features pre-integrated global streaming apps, providing operators with an easy path to offer additional content to subscribers. Firebolt™, the RDK application platform, accelerates the rigorous certification process required by today’s leading premium video app providers, and ensures compatibility with their latest releases, eliminating the need for future updates.