The RDK is a Whole Home Open Source Software Platform powering Video, Broadband and IoT Devices.

What is RDK?

Reference Design Kit, is a fully modular, portable, and customizable open source software solution that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband and IoT devices.

It enables operators to manage devices and easily customize their UI’s and Apps, and provides analytics to improve the customer experience and drive business results.

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Advantages of RDK

Whole Home

RDK provides a unified PLATFORM
for Broadband, Video, IoT and
streaming devices.

Your Data,
Your UX

Data powers the next generation UX. With RDK, you control the data
for your UX.

Proven Stability
& Scale

A deployed user footprint
of 50+ million DEVICES

RDK Highlights

2021 RDK
Leadership Update

Recordings and slide decks are available to Preferred Members and event registrants upon sign in with your Wiki user account. 

RDK Connect
Series 1: RDK-B

RDK Connect talks with Phil Evans, Managing Director at DTVKit, about changes in the broadcast industry.

RDK Blog

Visit our blog pages to learn more about RDK. We share articles about RDK and how others use our open source platform.


RDK Management is an open source consortium that manages the Reference Design Kit (RDK). RDK is an open source software platform for the connected home that standardizes core functions used in broadband devices, set-top boxes, and IoT. It enables operators to manage their devices; control their business models; and customize their apps, UIs and data analytics to improve the customer experience and drive business results. The RDK community is comprised of more than 500 companies including: CPE manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators, and service providers.  For more information on the tools, training, and events provided by RDK Management, please visit:  

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