HUMAX Networks

About Humax Networks

Spun off from HUMAX Co, Ltd. in 2019, HUMAX Networks, Inc. is a broadband expert that provides broadband equipment with the most easy-installed and secured connection through its innovative hardware and software. HUMAX Networks’ mission is to connect the future of the world by creating innovative and disruptive solutions and helping our valued partners and customers to create new value propositions. HUMAX

Networks is a leading global company that provides optimal products for Internet service providers worldwide through continuous research, development, and innovation. With 6 overseas subsidiaries and branches across the globe, HUMAX Networks currently provides 30 major Internet Service Providers with high-quality gateways.

Empowering Global Networking Solutions with RDK-B

Humax Networks has been an integral part of the RDK (Reference Design Kit) ecosystem from its inception, leveraging our expertise in the STB Business and Gateway markets. With a strong global presence and a track record of delivering excellent products, Humax Networks has become a trusted provider of RDK-based Network CPEs. Our core competencies lie in our rapid response to market demand, utilization of superior R&D capabilities, cost competitiveness, extensive global network, and strong strategic partnerships. These factors enable us to effectively respond to diverse customer needs, including DOCSIS, FTTH, PON, 5G, and Wi-Fi.

Elevating the End-User Experience through RDK-B Integration

At Humax Networks, we are dedicated to enhancing the end-user experience, and one way we demonstrate this commitment is through the integration of RDK-B in a diverse range of devices, including PON, DOCSIS, 5G, and Wi-Fi solutions. We firmly believe in standardizing functions to ensure a seamless customer experience, enabling Ethernet, Wi-Fi/Easy-Mesh, Voice, and Wi-Fi services on top of the RDK-B framework. By incorporating RDK-B into our products, Humax Networks empowers service providers to deliver uninterrupted connectivity, robust IoT integration, and optimized control mechanisms. We are fully committed to driving the evolution and widespread adoption of RDK-B, actively collaborating with the RDK community and maintaining our position at the forefront of technological advancements.