Video Accelerator

The RDK Video Accelerator is a deployment-ready set top box which has been certified by RDK to meet all product requirements, and comes pre-integrated with leading premium streaming apps. It is made available in collaboration with our partners:

*Alexa not available in all territories; may be subject to additional certification requirements.

Rapidly develop, test, and deliver with RDK

The RDK Video Accelerator is offered in collaboration with Amlogic, Broadcom, Realtek, Amino, Commscope,Jiuzhou,  Metrological, Sagecom, Sercomm and Skyworth. RDK’s carrier-grade set top box is pre-loaded with the latest innovations including leading premium apps, the robust Metrological® App Store, and RDK4, simplifying development and accelerating launch time.

The RDK Video Accelerator supports the following:

Carrier-grade multi-feature IP set-top box

Reference UI included

Build your own UI or port your existing UI

Lightning SDK allowing development and porting of new and existing apps

Regularly-timed, fully-tested software updates and releases

Pre-integrated premium streaming apps

Pre-integrated voice remote

Mobile pairing

Live TV

Unified search



App Store



Premium Apps

Voice Control

Set-top boxes

If you are an operator interested in receiving a sample Video Accelerator from these partners, please contact us at

Order an RDK Reference Device

  • Suitable for app development, testing, and evaluation
  • Provided by a third party, please contact them directly for delivery information