About Amino

Amino provides the software and devices that help Pay TV providers fulfil consumer demand for seamless, integrated access to live, local or on-demand content – regardless of whether it is broadcast or streaming content. As an IPTV pioneer, with over 250 customers worldwide, Amino continuously introduces market ready solutions to help customers enhance their video service offerings.

Amino’s R180 STB is RDK Video Accelerator certified and powered by the next-generation Amlogic S905X4 SoC chip incorporating a high-end GPU to allow UI designers to create a stunning user experience without performance concerns.

Amino’s R-series devices reflect Amino’s increased commitment to environmental sustainability. This includes working with suppliers who are not only using recycled materials, but track and trace the use of materials back to source. The R-series remote controls (RCUs) use 100% recycled plastics, while the devices use 85% recycled material to maintain the high safety standards and product finish which Amino have always insisted upon. We continue to investigate materials which will allow this to be further increased. We are also applying the same exacting standards to the packaging of the set-top box, RCU and cables – removing the plastics and insisting on paper which again is easily recycled by the consumer in every market where Amino sells.

Our RDK solutions reflect Amino’s decades of expertise in deploying IP delivery solutions, and supporting a wide range of ecosystem partners, networks, codecs, browsers and more. In becoming a certified member of the RDK Video Accelerator program, Amino gives operators products designed to help them adapt to the new reality that prioritizes content delivery via proprietary apps.

Our research has confirmed that operators want:

Unified Delivery of Channels and Apps.

More time is spent viewing video on the TV than any other device. Our solutions help Pay TV operators deliver ALL the content their subscribers crave. 

Flexibility & Control.

Operators want the flexibility to mix and match technology components while maintaining control of their brand and subscriber data.

Reduced Costs and Improved Margins.

Operators are focused on reducing the cost of managing their video services.

Let’s talk about your video service goals! 

We believe Amino + RDK = tangible value today and a roadmap for continued delivery of consumer centric video services.


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