RDK Core Components

The RDK stack is organized into four high-level components with increasing levels of specificity:

Application Platform

Common RDK

OEM Firmware


1. Application Platform

  • Allows for operator-specific components, services, and applications
  • Components are device- and SoC-independent

2. Common RDK

  • Source code and links to acquire open source/third-party components
  • Instructions for creating SoC-specific RDK and basic validation tools

3. OEM Firmware

  • Optimized components for SoC-specific RDK provided by the OEM
  • OEM software for boot-up, graphical interface (where applicable), and APIs for additional telemetry
  • Drivers for additional hardware and services built on top of the previous layers


  • Contains software such as the Software Development Kit (SDK) and SoC-level patches
  • SoC-specific changes/ optimization and SoC software
  • Instructions for OEM integration and tools for basic validation