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Tata Elxsi and RDK Partnership

Tata Elxsi, an RTAB (RDK Technology Advisory Board) member, has been actively involved in the RDK community since its inception in 2012, collaborating with key operators and OEM partners to provide end to end services ranging from consulting (to ascertain the requirements like mapping, timelines, and budgets) to RDK system integration, from deployment support to post deployment. Tata Elxsi has been the partner for leading MSOs for their commercial RDK deployments across European, American and APAC markets.

Benefits of Working with Tata Elxsi:

Our experience helps customers undertake risk free RDK deployments. We have developed customized processes for RDK deployment. Our engineering methodology helps in a phased product development, risk handling, and better planning to meet budgets and timelines. Tata Elxsi has invested in RDK and has developed a set of solutions, accelerators, and processes to extract maximum value from RDK deployments. Our unified platform engineering process help operators to manage multi-platform, multi country deployments through common codebase, test & maintenance strategy.

Tata Elxsi envisions RDK as a platform and leverage the power of data to provide best in class experience to subscribers. The solutions like iCX helps operators to reduce the OPEX of its deployments and improve NPS for its deployments. The data driven triage helps to address any field issues with reduced cycle time.

About Tata Elxsi:

Tata Elxsi is part of the $128 billion Tata Group. Tata Elxsi addresses the entire product development lifecycle for Media, Broadcast, Communications, and Consumer Electronics, from R&D to new product development, testing, and maintenance engineering. We work with leading MSOs, content providers and studios to develop innovative services and applications that drive revenue growth. This is backed by over 30 years of design and engineering experience and deep specialization in video, broadband, OTT engineering and service delivery, a global delivery presence, and offshore development centers in India. We also assist leading telecom operators in their digital and network transformation efforts, assisting with integration, process automation, and new service rollouts. Tata Elxsi is ranked as leaders in telecom industry and is investing in digital and network transformation services, such as OTT, AdTech, Blockchain, Digital broadband, 5G/wireless, and ORAN.