About LTTS

L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is a global leader in Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. With over two decades of specialized Media & Entertainment experience, LTTS supports the ecosystem players with a complete suite of engineering solutions, be it linear or over-the-top.

An active contributor to the RDK ecosystem, LTTS has been collaborating on multiple RDK projects with global operators, STB OEMs & SoC vendors.

What We Do

Through accelerated deployment and continuous innovation, LTTS brings forth compelling RDK solutions spanning across complete RDK life cycle – from development to deployment.

  • RDK-B&V HGW Remote management solution
  • Complete Ownership of RDK porting to specific SoC based HW
  • RDK Reference Implementation and Development Platform
  • Application Development, Customization and Framework porting
  • Complete Product Integration
  • Certification Testing at SoC, MW and Product Level
  • Testing & Test Automation
  • RDK Community Support – Defect Resolution

This is backed by our proprietary accelerators such as recommendation engines, RDK emulator tool, RDK-B and RDK-V lab accelerators, and STB log analytics solution.

The LTTS Advantage

Expertise spanning across complete RDK life cycle:

  • Kernel Porting and Platform SW
    • Expertise in Kernel, URSR, OEM components
    • Experienced on Broadcom, AMLogic, NXP SoCs
  • Framework and Applications
    • RDK Porting and Integration on multiple SOCs
    • Apps on SPARK and Lightning framework
  • DVB Middleware
    • 3rd party DVB Middleware partnership
    • Expertise in DVB bring up on Broadcom and Media Tek SoCs
  • CI/CD
    • CI/CD framework for RDK engagement by re-using ready components
    • Process and architecture designed to be leveraged across platforms (RDK, Android, Linux )
  • Testing and Automation
    • Proprietary Test Automation tool for testing RDK, Android, Linux and OTT
  • Home Gateway Remote Management
    • Design, Build, Deploy and Operate Device Management solution
    • Customized UI workflows to remotely manage the RDK-V/B devices
    • Identity and Access management through SSO/LDAP/AD integration

Our Solution/Contributions

We promote the RDK vision of accelerating deployment of new products and continuously innovate to enhance and enrich the RDK stack as it evolves. Some of our contributions as part of RDK’s Preferred Membership are:

  • RDK Emulator: Conceptualized and developed by LTTS in 2013, RDK Emulator is an application primarily targeted towards the RDK development community to ease prototype, develop and testing of RDK apps by acting as a virtual RDK device.
      • Conceptualized and developed RDK – Video Emulator
      • RDK – Broadband Emulator and feature development
      • Emulator for Developer – Native build Environment
  • RaspberryPi: The RDK code can be built to run on a Raspberry Pi3 model B+ making it useful for creating, implementing, and testing apps on the RDK stack. Multiple version of stacks/apps can be tested on the same RaspberryPi.
      • RDK – V Media Gateway Hybrid
      • RDK – V Media Client
      • RDK – Broadband Gateway
  • RDK on different Targets: Supporting Comcast RDK middleware stack in different hardware target boards like Turris Omnia, Raspberry Pi for RDK community.
  • Alexa Integration for RDK-V: Enabled voice control of RDK devices by integrating Alexa skill and creating an interaction model to communicate with RDK based devices.
  • Lab Accelerators:
      • RDK Lab Accelerators are an alternative for actual devices deployed in field with similar performance
      • Supporting and Maintaining RDK builds for different OEM target boards such as Kaon, Humax and CommScope
  • Hal Development: Developing HAL for reference platform targets and lab accelerator devices to support functionality of various RDK profile components/modules.
  • Remote Management:
    • Design, Build, Deploy and Operate home gateway remote management solution offering data and device management
    • Cloud infra, WebPA and open source protocols based solution for remote access and monitoring of gateway devices
    • Easy integration with the CPE WebPA, Xonf, Telemetry and other web and cloud services components
    • Authenticated user access support