About Askey

Askey Computer Corporation was founded in 1989. A wholly owned subsidiary of ASUS Computers, one of the most admired enterprises today, Askey specializes in the manufacturing and development of state of the art electronic and network communications products and tools. Askey has built a solid reputation of trust and integrity over the years and has numerous customers from all over the world.

Thanks to the trust of its worldwide customers, Askey has become a major player in the Information Technology arena. Askey’s headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan. Additionally, Askey owns a factory park in Suzhou, China, where it operates three highly advanced processing plants. Driven by innovation, Askey’s business philosophy is based on sustainable progress, empowerment and trust with the ultimate goal of having happy, satisfied customers.

To continue the role of a leading worldwide provider of broadband connectivity solutions, Askey has been relentless in pursuing’ new technologies. The portfolio of technologies is the foundation from which we expand our varieties of solutions where’ hardware, software and cloud services are combined to create great customer experiences.

With strong research and development backgrounds in each of these core technologies, Askey not only caters to the needs of’ our customers & partners, including Service Providers, System Integrators, Technology Startups, major players, and Government’ organizations, we’re able to combine these technologies to bring highly integrated solutions so they can enrich the experiences’ and daily lives of the end-users.

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