KAON's Technology Leadership

KAON is a leading provider of digital set top box and broadband CPE for Pay TV and Broadband service operators in more than 90 countries around the world. With the world-leading technology leadership and strategic partnerships with CAS, Middleware and System Integrators within the ecosystem, we are playing a leading role to innovate TV experience and home networking environment by integrating and creating end-to-end solutions.

KAON recently joined the RDK Accelerator program, and became one of the vendors who can deliver the RDK platform on its set-top boxes. KAON is planning to expand its RDK line-up across full set-top boxes embracing IPTV, OTT, cable, and voice-enabled set-top boxes.

End-to-End Solution

Provides the complete end-to-end solution from hardware, software, and device management solution.

Market Proven Experience
with DVB & CAS Integration

  • TV input framework for both IPTV & DVB
  • EPG/Guide Manager, PVR/DVR controller, and Time-shift manager support

Enriched Content

  • Integrating operator’s OTT service & VOD content
  • Integrating 3rd Party OTT/SVOD services.

RDK-V Set-top Box

IPTV Set-top box

  • 8.5K DMIPS
  • Memory (256MB Flash + 1GB DDR)
  • Compact size design

OTT Set-top Box

  • 8.5K DMIPS
  • Memory (256MB Flash + 1GB DDR)
  • Compact sized design

Cable Hybrid Set-top Box

  • 8.5K DMIPS
  • Memory (256MB Flash + 1GB DDR)

Far-field Voice Control Enabled Set-top Box

  • 24K DMIPS
  • Wi-Fi 6 embedded

RDK-V Accelerator

KAON’s RDK Video Accelerator is a powerful and elegant reference set-top box that comes pre-integrated with the RDK application framework and the Metrological App Store.

Steve Heeb, President and GM, RDK Management, LLC, Digital TV Europe (2019. Sep. 24)

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