Open source RDK is freely available to all users who may access code, collaborate, develop and submit contributions to RDK using the open community infrastructure on RDK Central. For those organizations who need to engage more closely with the community, RDK offers a subscription membership program that fosters enhanced collaboration, strategic engagement, training and technical support.

RDK Membership Plans Updated!

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Membership Options

Preferred Membership

RDK Preferred is the core membership by which participants can enhance their involvement and visibility within the RDK community by leveraging the key program benefits.

Preferred Plus Membership

The RDK Preferred Plus Membership leverages the RDK media platforms to drive awareness for their products & services.

See below for a full breakdown of the benefits provided by the Preferred Plus Program.

Preferred Membership

  • Question and answer support services for RDK software
  • Direct access to RDK architects (via Slack Channels, email and dedicated Wiki)
  • Guidance and consultative services to kick start RDK program
  • Dedicated support team triaging technical support requests
  • Guidance on contribution process, reviews, and acceptance into code base
  • Access to a robust library of training materials and past live webinars
  • Access to online virtual training & webinar sessions through the RDK Wiki (restrictions on total number of virtual trainees per member may apply due to network and application limitations)
  • Invitations to exclusive live webinars lead by community experts and architects discussing the latest features in RDK
  • Real time access to the latest technology roadmap
  • End-to-end (Black Box) TDK feature test cases for all RDK profiles
  • Beta code releases (e.g.; upcoming features and architecture updates)
  • Reference implementation of RDK server components (e.g.; WebPA, XConf)
  • Release health metrics and trends
  • Invitation to join Working Groups and Special Interest Groups
  • Complementary attendance at RDK Americas and European Summits
    Discounts on RDK Technology Summit Workshops
  • Eligible to collaborate on members’ private code repositories with other RDK members
  • Eligible to participate in the development of RDK reference implementations on member selected hardware platforms

Preferred Plus Membership

  • All Preferred Membership benefits granted
  • Branding and logo promotion
  • Dedicated customized web page for members to advertise their RDK-centric products and service
  • Blogs
  • E-Blasts
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Social Media
  • Additional customized editorial services by RDK marketing team to members
  • Free access to our summits, booth space, and branding
  • Microsite on promoting your RDK related products and services
  • Jointly construct literature
  • Speak to interested parties and make services available

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Preferred Plus Members

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Preferred Plus members have the opportunity to write blog posts for and promote technical whitepapers on the RDK Wiki. Check out the latest contributions from our Preferred members!

RDK Management is an open source consortium that manages the Reference Design Kit (RDK). RDK is an open source software platform for the connected home that standardizes core functions used in broadband devices, set-top boxes, and IoT. It enables operators to manage their devices; control their business models; and customize their apps, UIs and data analytics to improve the customer experience and drive business results. The RDK community is comprised of more than 430 companies including: CPE manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators, and service providers.  For more information on the tools, training, and events provided by RDK Management, please visit:  

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