About TV2Z

TV2Z is a global supplier of premium cloud-based Video-On-Demand software solutions for publishers, broadcasters, and operators. Based in Amsterdam, TV2Z was founded in 2016, and we have become a global leader in the OTT industry.

We create leading media technology solutions and innovations that power the global streaming industry and, over the years, have garnered diverse clients from all over the world. TV2Z is equipped with a team of world-class experts passionate about creating leading platforms for content owners and broadcasters to take their videos directly to their consumers.

To learn more, visit tv2z.com.

Our Services and Offerings

Our solutions and our services serve millions of viewers worldwide. We can deliver a coherent entertainment experience that can range across multiple devices. For example, our expertise in the Lightning Framework helps our clients integrate their OTT channels and on- demand services into traditional pay TV platforms.

Even better, we were one of the world’s first Lightning developers. Our expertise in understanding the Lightning framework sets us far apart from competitors. Another one of our unique strengths is our ability to simplify the user experience into one CMS system that can rule all apps. As a certified Metrological Lightning community partner, our services are trusted by some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry.

T-Connect and TV2Z’s Lightning/Firebolt Capabilities

Through our expertise in Lightning application development, we have crafted a seamless templated LightningJS/Firebolt application designed to be offered to the RDK community in an environment that gives them the tools and resources to build prospective Lightning/Firebolt applications.

In addition to offering open-source templates for developers, TV2Z is proud to offer T- Connect, a templated UI integrated with TV2Z Studio, to enable a quick and effective launch. Additionally, within T-Connect, TV2Z offers customised Lightning applications integrated with TV2Z Studio

T-Connect provides customers with a versatile templated OTT Lightning application that streamlines app development for set-top boxes. Including a templated UI ensures a user- friendly, affordable, and intuitive toolkit that has proven effective in launching CTV applications on RDK-powered set-top boxes quickly.

TV2Z Studio, our globally distinguished Content Management System (CMS), is trusted by the leading media and entertainment industry players. Within T-Connect, TV2Z Studio offers both prompt-launch and top-tier options. Customers experiencing the seamless integration between the front-end application and TV2Z Studio will recognise the unlimited benefits of using and connecting their Lightning applications with TV2Z Studio.