Image Download

Follow these steps to download and install the RDK image

The binary images are for development purposes only and not to be used in a production environment.

Step 1: Verify Account Access

  • Your company must be an RDK Licensee to download the image. Please confirm that your company is an RDK Licensee.
  • You must have an active Wiki user account. If you do not have an active user account, please request one. If you forgot your password,
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Step 2: Download the RDK Image

Step 3: Flash the image from your computer to an SD card

To flash the image on an SD card, you will need to download the balenaEtcher application.
*Note: Be sure to remove all other portable flash drives/hard drives/SD cards from your computer before flashing the RDK image

  • Open the application
  • Select the image from your download folder
  • Select the drive containing your SD card
  • Click “Flash” to copy the image onto the SD card

Step 4: Install SD Card and Connect Your Device

  • Insert the SD card into the microSD card slot on the underside of your Raspberry Pi and connect all the devices as per the diagram.
  • Plug the USB power supply into a socket and connect it to your Raspberry Pi’s power port. A red LED light indicates that the Raspberry Pi is
    connected to power and is booting.