The Ultimate Wireless Connected Home, Delivered on RDK-B

The days of closed, proprietary architectures are in the past. RDK’s market velocity and impact is increasing, magnified by continued expansion of capabilities, for example, RDK-B. Adoption by global operators and vendors drives wider support for new services and device types. RDK offers a unified platform fit for today’s demanding CPE needs, providing a common platform to deliver managed services like Wi-Fi.

In today’s always-connected world it is the subscriber experience that drives loyalty and defines the brand. With ARRIS RDK-B gateways helping deliver gigabit speeds to the home, it’s Wi-Fi that now limits the consumer broadband experience. Subscribers’ willingness to pay to fix their Wi-Fi woes for results is clearly demonstrated by retail purchases of ‘mesh’ Wi-Fi products, as a separate add-on to their broadband service, an incomplete answer – as they will still call the Service Provider if it doesn’t work.

With over one-third of calls to the call center being Wi-Fi related, it’s no longer enough to have limited remote visibility with loosely-coupled technologies from open source and vendor communities that were never meant to work together. The challenge to operators is to connect the home with multiple Wi-Fi access points in a way that is simple to install and use, automatically adapts to subscriber needs, while providing the operator the complete visibility and tooling required to run a profitable business.

Getting Control of Home Wi-Fi

The ARRIS HomeAssure Solution gives subscribers a home network that just works. Auto-configuring, self-optimizing intelligence on ARRIS’s RDK-B based gateways and Wi-Fi extenders, provides the subscriber with a single SSID and optimized signal throughout the home without requiring operator intervention. ARRIS recognizes the importance of building on open standards, such as the Wi-Fi Alliance Multi-AP specification for Wi-Fi extender interoperability. RDK-B services provide the foundations to implement standards and the associated network optimization algorithms provided by the ARRIS Home Network Controller.A subscriber mobile app provides an intuitive way for subscribers to manage their network and to resolve top issues themselves, slashing the volume of Wi-Fi-related trouble calls to the call center.Through real-time views, telemetry collection, and analytics, operators are transitioning from yesterday’s brute-force methods to today’s proactive, data-driven management of Wi-Fi services. ARRIS management software supports the largest operators globally, so scale is not a concern. Troubleshooting & resolution happens remotely, without a truck roll, and big-data insights uncover new business opportunities, such as correlating service issues to root cause, Wi-Fi QoE visualization & alarming, security risk reports, and up-sell views (identifying homes that would benefit from extenders).RDK-B’s efforts to standardize the CPE service platform, for example the comprehensive TR-181 data model for detailed Wi-Fi control, help ARRIS and the industry drive consistency in data and visibility, and by increasing the manageability of devices.
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