Be a part of the 2022 RDK Hackathon by submitting your feature, innovation, solution, or concept for the RDK code.

And the winner is.....

Team Velope, from Velope Inc.

Team Velope worked on Concept 2, Multi-experience Apps, using Lightning to develop a family coloring book. Families scan a QR code with their mobile devices to connect and draw in real time on their TV, populating a shared coloring book with a range of colors and marker sizes.

Congratulations to Michael Gregor, David Molina, Leonardo Zenoni, Deniz Coker, and Luis Fernandez!


September 9
– September 26


October 3
– October 28

Team Receives

a prize
of $2500

Winning entry
presented at

An online RDK


  • Teams may be formed by any RDK licensee
  • Create your own team of one to five members
  • All entries submitted become the property of RDK
  • Entries may be added to the RDK open source code
  • Email questions to info@rdkcentral.com


September 9 — Registration opens; teams can begin submitting concepts to RDK
September 26 — Deadline for registration and submitting concepts
September 28 — RDK provides final approval for new concepts
October 3 — Hackathon begins
October 28 — Deadline for submitting projects
November 14-18 — Finalist presentations to judges
November 21 — Winner announced
December — Winner presents at RDK Webinar


You may choose from one of the following approved concepts submitted by RDK and our partner companies or submit a concept of your own. Submitted concepts will be reviewed for approval by RDK.

Concept 1: Hand Gesture Control

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Concept 2: Multi-experience apps

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Concept 3: Mobile App - Video / Broadband

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Concept 4: RDK on your device

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Concept 5: Internet Security Assistance

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Concept 6: Ad-Blocker in RDKB Gateway

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Concept 7: IDE for RDK

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Team Registration


Judging Criteria

All projects will be reviewed by an internal RDK team which will select 3 finalists. The finalists will present to a panel of judges for final judging and selection of one winner.

Judging rubric:

  • Clarity of stated goal — up to 5 points
  • Extent to which stated concept is achieved — up to 10 points
  • Quality of final code submitted — up to 20 points
  • Performance of product or feature — up to 20 points
  • Quality of supporting documentation — up to 10 points
  • Quality of final presentation — up to 5 points
  • Complexity of design — up to 5 points

Total maximum points: 75

Final Judges

wouter cloetens

Chief Architect, Broadband Devices | Deutsche Telekom

Wouter is the chief architect of Deutsche Telekom’s broadband devices, with a long history of developing and deploying gateways and wireless extenders in many operator networks, after a career as an embedded hacker. He brings his two decade long engagement in open source development to the RDK community.

Jose ramon diaz martinez

Director, Solution Architecture | RDK

Jose Ramon joined the RDK team as Director of Solution Architecture the 1st of April of 2021, where he is working with our broadband partners to create common technical solutions for the RDK-B community and providing guidance in the design and evolution of RDK-B, that will facilitate the adoption of new services. Over the last 20 years Jose Ramon has held relevant technical positions in companies such as Siemens, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Tekelec and Tele2, where he was designing, developing, and deploying solutions in mobile, access, core, and triple play networks. Most recently Jose Ramon was working as RDK-B Software Architect at Liberty Global for the last five years before joining the RDK

Nuno faria

UX Development Team, STBs | NOS

Nuno Faria leads the UX Development Team for STBs at NOS Inovação, with special interest in UI Frameworks for embedded devices. While mainly focusing on embedded software development, other areas of interest include VR/AR, Voice-Controlled Virtual Assistants, IoT solutions and 3D printing (FDM/MSLA).

Michael fiess

Distinguished Engineer, RDK-V | Comcast

Michael is a software engineer on the RDK Video team at Comcast, and his focus is contributing to and leading software initiatives on the RDK Video platform. He has a strong background in embedded software development and computer graphics.

Nuno martins

Principal Engineer, Home Gateways Team | NOS

Nuno Martins is a principal engineer on the Home Gateways development team for the RDK-b projects. He participated in European Research projects (ULOOP, TIMBUS) and is currently on MIRAI and turntable. Martins received his Msc Software Engineering degree, focused on network and distributed computing, from Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal. Aside from his work at NOS on the Home Gateways, other areas of interest are cybersecurity, IoT solutions, and piloting small drones.

khem raj

Distinguished Engineer | Comcast

Khem Raj is a Distinguished Engineer at Comcast, helping several open source initiatives within the company: He is guiding the company’s adoption of open source software, and organization transition to an active contributor to the open source components used in the RDK settop software stack. He is also actively working on making the RDK community adopt the RDK framework for future multimedia devices and home connectivity. He is member of Yocto Project advisory board, and member of the technical steering Committee for yocto project.

Rob Suero

Head of Technology | RDK

Rob, a 25 year veteran of the telecommunications industry, has been a member of the RDK team since its inception in 2013. Rob oversees technical activities for the RDK including architecture,
community roadmap, and collaborative development.