Synamedia Pulls In RDK Services With Gravity

Synamedia has introduced an RDK-based managed service that comes pre-integrated with a range of applications and advanced features aimed at the residential and commercial SMB markets.

Called Synamedia Gravity, the solution makes it easier for operators and service providers to offer their small-to-medium business (SMB) and residential customers a richer suite of advanced broadband and video capabilities. It comprises pre-integrated applications and advanced services for WiFi, routing and security to add more hardware flexibility and operational simplicity, as well as new services including 4K/UHD/HDR.

Offered as a managed service, Synamedia Gravity includes software lifecycle management, support, integration and operational services, from one source, keeping the vendor accountable for keeping devices constantly updated. This allows operators to avoid getting into complex systems, high costs and security risks that are inherent in a multi-vendor approach, the company said.

It is built on Synamedia eRDK, the company’s implementation of the RDK software standard that comes with optional value-added and platform integration services. With direct access to the latest RDK code, Gravity leverages the latest updates, delivering ‘RDK Ready’ devices that are continually updated, future-proofing customers’ technology investments, while offloading device development and ongoing management to Synamedia. This allows the vendor to take on the responsibility of device updates.

Alok Gera, Senior Vice President and General Manager, North America, explained that it is a platform that helps drive the adoption of RDK as the tool base, but also takes it to the next level in terms of innovations, helping Synamedia and operators to take advantage of all the RDK tools out there.

“It’s about taking it away from vertical integration into a horizontal platform and exposing the true power of RDK, and applying it to different services in these environments,” Gera said.

According to the Gera, Gravity lowers TCO by letting operators offload the heavy lifting of device design, management, and support, so they can focus on bringing new offers and services to market. Providers looking for new ways to grow their video subscriber base can take advantage of Synamedia eRDK’s customisable open source design to launch SVOD services and support for 4K devices.

For the SMB market, Synamedia Gravity addresses operators’ challenges as they look to meet demand with secure, integrated SMB broadband solutions across customer service equipment (CPE), backend services, operational processes, subscriber mobile applications, and service gateways. Features include business continuity, advanced routing, security monitoring and prevention capabilities, and telephony and IP services.

Additionally, Synamedia Gravity provides SMBs with insight into security threats on their devices and network to help protect their business, employees and assets. These built-in security features include device fingerprinting, URL blacklisting, and support for WiFi Mesh.

“With Synamedia Gravity, we’re elevating the expectations operators place on their technology partners with our hands-on, deep understanding of RDK tools and code, the skillset to deliver unmatched lifecycle management, and the ability to help lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in new ways,” added Gera. “For too long, offerings like these have been deemed to be a ‘one and done’ finite systems integration project, but operators deserve more. That’s why our approach includes a longer-term relationship with service providers so that we’re accountable for keeping devices constantly updated, resulting in raised levels of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.”


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