SoftAtHome builds integrated RDK video solution for providers

FierceVideo – May 26, 2020

SoftAtHome, an independent company that builds software for broadband, video and analytics, is teaming with the RDK community on open-source software for global video providers.

The company is building an RDK-based video product that integrates multicast, DVB, Live DASH streaming, a universal search aggregator, new premium video streaming apps, voice controls and its white-label ImpressioTV user experience. The hope is to provide a new off-the-shelf RDK video solution for operators.

SoftAtHome’s ImpressioTV UI works with RDK and includes multi-user profiling for recommendations and data privacy. The company is also integrating its AI-based voice control assets into the RDK solution.

“Thanks to SoftAtHome’s long experience in the telecommunications industry plus video and broadband software expertise, they provide the means for service providers to take the lead in video content distribution becoming a super Video aggregator delivering an outstanding experience based on the RDK platform. We are proud to have SoftAtHome embracing RDK,” said Steve Heeb, president of RDK Management.

“Thanks to our universal search and recommendation engine to simplify content discovery, we enable operators to become super video aggregator exploiting the sweet spot at the juncture of on-demand and live content. Adding new premium video streaming apps, will require only the decision to activate the feature within an RDK based deployment,” said David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome, in a statement. “SoftAtHome exists to help operators through an open, flexible software platform… We support RDK’s initiative enabling service providers to benefit from a standardized software video platform while keeping the agility of differentiation. We see ourselves as the industrial arm of service provider ambition, and as such, we see our association with RDK Management as essential.”

Earlier this year, RDK – which is backed by Comcast – said it now powers more than 60 million devices deployed by service providers worldwide.

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