QA Cafe Announces Integration of QA Cafe CDRouter with the RDK Automatics Test Automation Framework

Developers can now gain comprehensive feature and performance test coverage of their RDK-B implementations in one framework

Dover, New Hampshire – QA Cafe, a leading provider of network product testing and analysis solutions, today announced the integration QA Cafe’s CDRouter test solution as part of RDK’s Automatics test automation framework. This integration is designed to enhance the deployment of RDK-based broadband devices and services.

RDK is an open-source software solution that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband, and IoT connected devices. By standardizing these functions, service providers can develop and deploy applications and services, independent of hardware platforms. RDK enables service providers to control their device diagnostics data, business models, and apps to improve the customer experience and drive business results.

QA Cafe’s CDRouter is a comprehensive and powerful automated test solution focused on feature, security, and performance testing for broadband and enterprise edge gateways, Wi-Fi and mesh systems, and other CPE.  As an industry benchmark for testing complex networking devices, it is used by hundreds of networking companies worldwide, from chipsets to OEMs to service providers.

Implementers of RDK-B, a fully modular, portable, and customizable open-source software solution that standardizes core functions used in broadband, video, and IoT devices, will now benefit from the robust testing capabilities of CDRouter and Automatics together. This automated testing improves the reliability and performance of RDK-B implementations by providing comprehensive automated testing.

Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Testing Capabilities: CDRouter, as part of the Automatics framework, offers extensive automated testing for RDK-B based devices, ensuring higher quality and more reliable software releases.

Time and Resource Efficiency: By automating the testing process through Automatics and CDRouter, RDK-B developers and service providers can significantly reduce the time and resources spent on manual testing.

Improved Product Reliability: Rigorous and consistent testing leads to fewer bugs and issues in the field, enhancing the end-user experience.

“The integration of CDRouter into Automatics marks a significant milestone for the RDK community,” said Tim Winters, CTO at QA Cafe. “QA Cafe is committed to supporting the RDK evolution by reducing friction of testing solutions for developers allowing service providers to deploy with confidence.  “We believe that our expertise in network testing will bring immense value to RDK-based products and services.”

“QA Cafe’s CDRouter has been used extensively by the RDK-B team for several years,” said Glee Abraham, Head of Technology for RDK. “Its addition to our Automatics test automation framework should further enable our developers and partners to achieve higher standards in product performance and reliability.”

RDK-B development teams interested in adding CDRouter testing should contact QA Cafe at


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