RDK Hackathon 2021

Be a part of the 2021 RDK Hackathon by submitting your feature, innovation, solution, or concept for the RDK code.


June 28
– july 16


August 2
– September 17

The Winning
Team Receives

a prize
of $2500

Winning entry
presented at

2021 RDK
Tech Summit


  • Teams may be formed by any RDK licensee
  • Create your own team of one to five members
  • All entries submitted become the property of RDK
  • Entries may be added to the RDK open source code
  • Email questions to info@rdkcentral.com


June 28 — Registration opens; teams can begin submitting concepts to RDK
July 16 — Deadline for registration and submitting concepts
July 30 — RDK provides final approval for new concepts
August 2 — Hackathon begins
September 17 — Deadline for submitting projects
October 25 — Winner announced
November 18 — Winning team presents at 2021 RDK Tech Summit


You may choose from one of the following approved concepts submitted by RDK and our partner companies or submit a concept of your own. Submitted concepts will be reviewed for approval by RDK.

Concept 1: Casting support to PIP Window

Read More

Concept 2: VOIP integration in an RDK-B Gateway

Read More

Concept 3: RDK-B QoS: Bandwidth Manager

Read More

Concept 4: Chat applications in RDK

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Concept 5: Create profiling tool for developers

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Concept 6: Flutter based game integration in RDK, run game in a container

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Concept 7: Gamepad integration in RDK

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Concept 8: Lightning Layouts for RDK-V

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Concept 9: VPN Server in RDK-B

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Team Registration

If you would like to add your team to the waitlist,
submit your registration using the link below and you will be notified if your team is accepted.


Judging Criteria

All projects will be reviewed by an internal RDK team which will select 3 finalists. Three finalists will be submitted to a panel of judges for final judging and selection of a winner.

Judging rubric:

  • Clarity of stated goal — up to 5 points
  • Extent to which stated concept is achieved — up to 10 points
  • Quality of final code submitted — up to 20 points
  • Performance of product or feature — up to 20 points
  • Quality of supporting documentation — up to 10 points
  • Quality of final presentation — up to 5 points
  • Complexity of design — up to 5 points

Total maximum points: 75

Final Judges

khem raj

Distinguished Engineer, Embedded Linux | Comcast

Khem Raj is the founding member of Yocto project and is working on deploying Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded into Comcast’s RDK for STB, IoT Gateway, Home Security, optimizing open source software development and contribution procedures.

He previously worked at Juniper where he was responsible to creating and maintaining Linux base operating system for upcoming Junos (Juniper’s Network Operating System) based on Yocto project. He is a contributor and maintainer for core pieces in OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project.

mike fiess

Software Engineer | Comcast

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charles moreman

Executive Director, Systems Architecture | Comcast

Charles is an Executive Director at Comcast and the lead software architect for RDK-B and cloud software for Wi-Fi analysis. His focus is new features for internet service providers, Wi-Fi software enhancements, Wi-Fi analytics, other new features and software architecture improvements.

Previously Charles worked as Chief Product Architect and Fellow for Technicolor’s Connected Home Business Unit. At Cisco Systems, Charles was a Principal Engineer and the founding architect for CCSP gateway software used as the basis for the RDK-B software project. Before this, Charles worked as engineering director leading the development of Cisco/Scientific-Atlanta Cable Modems & Gateways.

He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Charles has been awarded 9 US Patents and has multiple patents pending.

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