CommScope furthers RDK Video Accelerator portfolio with 2 new services

AE Research – September 16, 2019

The company announced two new products, which would be positioned under RDK video Accelerator’s umbrella, making it the latest platform that supports both HDR and AV1.

CommScope Inc., a U.S. based network infrastructure provider company, has recently revealed two next-gen additions, namely an IP Client VIP7802 with Wi-Fi 6® as well as Smart Media Device (SMD) platform 7852 featuring Wi-Fi 6® connectivity to its RDK Video Accelerator portfolio, with both the devices harnessing the capabilities of high dynamic range (HDR) and AOMedia Video 1 (AV1). 

As per reports, all device platforms back RDK for video advancement, allowing service providers to progress launch with the latest 4K video experiences, web-based applications and customized user experiences.

Reportedly, the RDK open-source program regulates core functions to offer service providers unparalleled control and customizability over device experiences in their house. Moreover, the new platforms are a division of the company’s RDK Video Accelerator, developed by both RDK Management and CommScope.

Additionally, the accelerator’s rising portfolio provides an array of devices that arrive with the updated version of the Metrological® App Store, tools to customize services and RDK open-source software, which is commercially accessible for service providers to go to market sooner and shorten development.

Speaking on the announcement, Joe Chow, Senior Vice President and Segment Leader of Customer Premises Equipment, CommScope, said that the company’s latest IP client and SMD platforms reshape the entertainment experiences that service providers can bring to the house.

He added that its customers already know the customizability and high efficiency that the company’s RDK Video Accelerator provides. And now, both these platforms will offer a base of next-generation technology to show its vision for future’s Smart Media Device connected applications, services and home experiences.

The addition of IP Client and Wi-Fi 6® SMD platforms to the RDK’s Accelerator portfolio indicates a major step forward towards linked home entertainment, with promising implications for a variety of verticals and services. 

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