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Alticast Inc. is excited to introduce its first contribution to the RDK community. The Alticast Xconf Log Server is a software server component that works in conjunction with the RDK Xconf Server technology. The log server is a simple file server written in the Go Language. It may be used to upload files from an RDK set-top or gateway device via the RDK Xconf Server. Logs are stored to the local file system on the server platform and additional meta-data is captured in a Cassandra NoSQL database. Uploaded files may be downloaded from the log server using the simple log server Web UI or the server’s REST API.

Alticast is providing this contribution after identifying the need for a simple tool that can be used to upload and manage log files while investigating the RDK Xconf Server technology and explore how it can help improve operations. The Alticast Xconf Log Server application fulfils this requirement and may be used to test the RDK Xconf Server technology while a more robust solution is developed. Of course, the Alticast software may also be used as a base for a production solution since it is being released as an Open Source component under the Apache 2 license.

The Xconf Log Server provides the following features:

  • A simple log upload repository solution for the RDK Xconf Server. Logs are stored locally on the server’s file system.
  • Meta-data capture used for searching and managing logs on the server. Data includes the log file name, size, owner and creation date.
  • A REST API that provides convenient interfaces for upload, download, deletion and query.
  • A simple WebUI that may be used for log listing, download and management.
  • Docker support for building and running a log server container.

Server Architecture

The following diagram shows the relationship of the Xconf Log Server component to the RDK Xconf Server and Client software.


As illustrated in the diagram, the Alticast Xconf Log Server is a standalone component and does not require any modifications to the RDK Xconf Server components. A log upload URL is specified in the RDK Xconf Angular Admin UI, indicating where the STB XConf Client will upload its logs to. The Client obtains the log server URL from the RDK Xconf Data Service using a curl command to call the REST API on the RDK Xconf Data Server. When the Client is ready to upload its logs to the Alticast Xconf Log Server, it communicates directly with the Alticast software.


The Xconf Log Server REST API is comprised of four main interfaces:

  • Log Upload – uploads a log file to the server
  • Log Download – downloads a log file from the server
  • Log Info – Obtain meta-data information about the log (i.e. file name, size, and creation date)
  • Log Deletion – deletes a log file from the server

Web User Interface

The Xconf Log Server provides a WebUI that may be used to display a list of the log files it is hosting. The figure below shows the current user interface.


A user may download the log file by selecting the download icon next to the row listing. Filters may be applied to the listing criteria based on the file name, file size and file creation date (as defined by the RDK Xconf Client). Finally, log files may be deleted from the server by selecting the trash icon in the row’s listing.


The Alticast Open Source contribution may be found on Github. Please use the following resources to explore the Alticast Xconf Log Server offering:

About Alticast

Alticast delivers end-to-end media technology solutions and systems integration services that enable service providers to quickly and reliably deliver innovative TV experiences to customers. Alticast’s cloud-based OTT platform, device software, UI/UX, AI and Big Data-based analytics securely bring compelling, personalized and interactive content to over 50 million devices worldwide via broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms. The publicly traded company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea with offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Broomfield, Colorado; and Hanoi, Vietnam. For more information, or to read Alticast’s blog, visit


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