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Control: Own your UI, UX, and data

While customers enjoy a wider range of innovative products faster, operators maintain complete control over design, development, deployment, and data.


Open Source Development

Continuous Community Contributions

Proven Stability
& Scale

Speed of Innovation

Robust Releases

For Operators by Operators

Global Footprint

Business Benefits

Design Ownership

RDK’s modular plug-in architecture enables providers to develop, innovate, and differentiate at the application and services layer, allowing a consistent customer experience across all RDK devices. Providers benefit from frequent, robust releases and continuous improvements that dramatically improve product development velocity.

Control Your Environment

With RDK, you control your ecosystem. RDK allows you to innovate to meet your product vision, deploy at your own pace, and control your customer data, apps, and customer experience. Take advantage of the innovative contributions that come from open sourcing and use RDK tools to build, test, and deploy on your terms.

Infinite Possibility, Zero Cost

RDK is a no-cost/royalty-free open source license, providing full transparency into the source code. This allows developers to efficiently collaborate on projects with skilled partners in the RDK community, add new features, and resolve issues at their own pace — creating contributions that benefit the entire community.

Easy Deployment with RDK Partners

Through our partnerships with multiple recruitment organizations, RDK provides access to staffing and resources who are trained, certified, and experienced in working with RDK code. The result? An easier, faster, and more successful transition to the RDK platform.

Encourage Collaboration. Enhance Innovation.

Built for operators by operators, RDK utilizes open-source components to encourage collaboration and enhance innovation. Take a look at this solution brief to learn more about the RDK ecosystem and its many advantages.

RDK Overview Brief
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