Getting to Know RDK's Firebolt

By now you’ve likely heard of Firebolt, the SDK that simplifies the porting of HTML5 and native applications onto RDK-based environments. It was announced during IBC last month as a much-desired way to onboard premium apps onto RDK.

Ultimately, Firebolt was designed to provide a ready-to-use, platform-independent development, build, and test environment for app developers who may not otherwise be familiar with RDK or set-top devices. This enables portability for HTML5, Java Script, and native apps.

Technologists involved with the development of the Firebolt SDK note that a design goal was to create a platform-independent abstraction of various and related platform APIs, such as from the silicon/SoC community. Why not build apps against one SDK, and not all variants of the RDK? That was the reasoning.

While some OTT and video app providers maintain their own certification processes, Firebolt — as well as the RDK’s partnership with the Metrological app store for 300+ Firebolt-compliant apps — exists to ease the way towards those related certification activities.

Firebolt is available now to download and use, and, for easier in-house development and testing, it runs on an IP-based set-top made for Firebolt-related development work by ARRIS International. Plus, Firebolt supports SVP (Secure Video Path), a component that’s often required by the leading OTT video services, in order to protect copyrighted content from unauthorized viewing.

So if you’re wanting to add more OTT apps into your UI/UX — it’s probably time to give Firebolt a spin.

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