The RDK Lab Accelerator and You!

Let this serve as an open thank you to the wider RDK Community, for voicing your need to develop more quickly on the video profile of RDK. Based on your feedback and collective desire for a fast, turnkey way to add apps – whether internal, third party, or premium – we’re now out the door with the RDK Accelerator, in partnership with ARRIS and Metrological.

The background likely mirrors what some of you have experienced, in your RDK journeys: The time and experience necessary to onboard and test streaming apps can sometimes outweigh available resources. That was the origin of the RDK Accelerator. It’s a three-way combination of an IP-based set-top, from ARRIS (the VIP5202W), Metrological’s pre-integrated App Store, and the latest RDK application framework.

A few more details: The set-top supports 4K/Ultra HD resolution, and comes with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and voice control compatibility. With the built-in app store, the Accelerator is preconfigured with tools to customize the look and feel of the apps and services end-customers experience. It’s an off-the-shelf RDK experience for rapidly developing and testing next-gen video services, available now.

Our plan is to continue to build on the RDK Accelerator program, with core technology partners. Watch for advancements throughout the year on similar Accelerator products including Broadband devices, and more turnkey approaches to data analytics, UX & voice navigation, mesh networking and more.

The feedback so far from service providers working with the RDK Accelerator is resoundingly positive. We’re hearing comments like “it’s a game changer” and “it’s just what we needed, to amp up our competitive offerings at a speed faster than the rest of the marketplace.”

Why not give the RDK Accelerator a try? Click here for more information and ordering details.

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