RDK European Summit: Best Ever!

Thanks to those of you who joined us in Amsterdam for what was the seventh annual RDK European Summit! Here’s a quick review into what transpired at this year’s Summit, which – dare we say it – turned out better than our wildest expectations. More than 230 of you, representing over 30 operators and 25 countries, were in attendance, to hear about: 

– How Deutsche Telekom / DT is approaching the RDK both from the perspective of their Broadband and Video devices

– How support for multiple access network types, from DOCSIS to DSL to EPON/GPON, is being added into the RDK, to satisfy network operators with blended topologies (which is to say, many of you!)

– The latest intersections between RDK and EasyMesh, broadband apps and WiFi extenders, from technologists representing Intel, Liberty Global, and Vodafone;

– How Cujo AI is leveraging the RDK and AI-powered cloud connectivity to generate real-time business intelligence that can optimize the customer experience, reduce support costs, inform capacity planning and increase the relevance of marketing activities;

– Silicon and SoC advancements from Broadcom and Intel;

– A candid conversation with Comcast’s Chief Technology Officer Matt Zelesko, and Sky’s Chief Product officer Fraser Stirling, about the state-of-the-state of their various RDK-based endeavors;

– An update from NOS about its work with the RDK across Portugal;

– A free-flowing conversation with Metrological and Amazon Prime about the virtues and implications of pre-integrated, premium OTT apps into the RDK;

– A deep dive on the pre-integrated RDK Accelerator suite (with multiple demos throughout the demonstration area);

– Another deep dive on machine learning and the types of telemetry data that can be harvested, fed through AI engines, and applied to business objectives, from Accenture;

– The creator of WebPA, aka Comcast’s Weston Schmidt, on the web-to-cloud connectivity socket that quickly handles real-time data transfers using TR-181 data.

That’s the short version of what was a riveting day of all-things-RDK! Thanks again to those of you who could attend; to the rest, some of the presentations can be found here. Also: Stay tuned! The 2020 RDK Americas Summit will be held in Philadelphia USA in March 2020. 

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