Metrological Lightning is your new TV app development framework, ensuring apps to perform extremely well and display perfect graphics and animations. With Lightning, TV viewers will experience your content at its best. You can now become a Metrological Certified Lightning Partner by following our 3-step Lightning Certification Program:

  1. Prepare yourself: Explore the Lightning documentation and experiment with the example app
  2. Follow the 2-day Lightning Training
  3. Build a catalogue ready app on Lightning (code check by Metrological)

Sign up for the 2-day Lightning Training

Dive into Lightning on the basis of several assignments during our 2-day Lightning Certification
Training. You can register now for an open training in:

  • Philadelphia, United States on February 11 – 12, 2020
  • Utrecht, The Netherlands on March 3 – 4, 2020.

The costs for the Metrological Lightning Certification Training are € 900,– per attendee. This is including refreshments and lunch during the training and a dinner on the first day. All attendees will receive their own RPI with the required installed software. It’s a ready to use reference device, so you will be able to build, to test and to showcase your Lightning apps. Participants need to have embedded development experience and an up to date knowledge of Javascript (at least ES5).

After this 2-day Lightning training you will not only be able to build a catalogue ready app on Lightning, but also understand the advanced use cases of Lightning. This will allow you to build better and visually more interesting apps, improving the overall quality of the products you will deliver.

Once you have completed the full Lightning Certification Program, you are a Metrological Certified Lightning Partner. You will be named as one of our Preferred Certified Lightning Partners on our website, where CSPs find their app development partner.

Metrological has contributed Lightning to the full open source community. It is adopted by RDK and leading Tier1 operators. Apps developed in Lightning run on all set-top boxes and major smart TV platforms.

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