DTVKit and RDK become mutual members to further enhance their strategic relationship and DVB offering

Bristol, UK, 14 July 2021 – DTVKit – a global shared source software company–have announced they are welcoming RDK Management–an open source consortium that manages RDK’s software platform globally–as their latest member. 

Both companies have become key contributors in the industry providing accessible software and platforms used in broadband, video and IoT connected devices. 

DTVKit’s DVB Core is now officially pre-integrated with the RDK. This means that the Raspberry Pi reference platform will build to include DTVKit support direct from the RDK repositories.

DVB Core includes full support for RDK4 architecture enabling RDK applications to use DVB features via the RDK Thunder™ microservices layer. There is a sample application and the build recipes for Raspberry Pi. Any USB tuners supported by Raspberry Pi (LinuxDVB) are available and DVB-S2/T2/C is supported. Last year, the introduction of RDK4 brought in standardised APIs that enable operators to integrate new user interfaces, apps and app stores. 

Phil Evans, Managing Director of DTVKit says, “Our efforts with RDK continue to evolve as our technology offering is mutually complimentary. The relationship is one that is welcomed by the DTVKit community, and we look forward to an exciting future.”

Jason Briggs, President and General Manager of RDK, adds “DTVKit and RDK share a common commitment to serve TV providers across Europe and around the globe that depend upon DVB. We are delighted to join this thriving community for continued collaboration between our two communities.”

DTVKit works to ensure its solutions are kept up to date with the latest market requirements, to maximise the benefit to its members. RDK provides quarterly releases to the community and, for those organizations who need additional assistance, RDK offers Preferred and Preferred Plus memberships that foster enhanced collaboration, strategic engagement, advanced training, and technical support. 

About DTVKit

DTVKit is a UK not-for-profit organisation, collaborating across the consumer electronics industry to deliver the very best production-ready DVB software to members and the end user. The organisation is supported by members who provide subscription fees and expert software engineers to accelerate software development for the Digital Television market. The efforts of the DTVKit community will further enhance the development of the four main software components; DVB Core, MHEG Engine, HbbTV Plug-In and CI+ Engine. It aims to provide the best software foundations to give the highest ROI to members.

For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @DTVKit.  More information about RDK is available at

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