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Ultra HD, 5G, Virtualization and RDK: A Few Questions with Ericsson

CED Magazine, October 27, 2016
CED: What did you see as the most important technical takeaways from this year’s SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo from Ericsson’s perspective?

Simon Frost, head of media and marketing communications at Ericsson: The three topics that stood out most were the readiness of ultra HD video solutions, interest in 5G and mobile-specific solutions and virtualized solutions for deploying in the cloud.

CED: What were the main pain points engineers visiting Ericsson’s booth were looking to address?

Frost: Booth visitors wanted to address a variety of topics associated with our vast portfolio but we saw two questions pop up quite frequently: 1) How cloud-native solutions and microservice-based applications can be deployed to deliver a differentiated end viewer experience; and 2) How wireless technologies including 5G and WiFi can enhance the proposition of the MSO.

Read the full article at CED Magazine.


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