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RDK Community Updates – Tata Elxsi: Accelerating RDK-B Rollouts

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Tata Elxsi is a key partner to US Cable Major in RDK development, system integration, testing and triage of defects (RDK-V and RDK- B). With RDK seeking a DevOps transformation in rollout, operators are keen to learn how post rollout issues can be addressed more effectively.
In DevOps, planning for future rollouts is equally important as managing current roll-out. Hence operators now strive to achieve 2 key objectives:

  • Continuously reduce the call volume / truck roll from field reported defects
  • Integrate RDK updates continuously and ensure platform stability before large scale roll-out

Tata Elxsi’s proven defect triage process ensures effective debugging and identification of defects from development and post-deployment phases. Leveraging best-in-class debugging tools and custom analytic solution for log analysis, and the unmatched experience of our RDK experts, Tata Elxsi has been able to accelerate SLA based identification and categorization of issues (based on modules / vendors / severity of defects/ patterns) for 3 leading operators deploying RDK.

Extending its deep expertise from RDK-Video & RDK-Broadband side, Tata Elxsi currently provides triage support for RDK-V & RDK-B field deployments of leading operators. RDK-B Platforms supported include: Arris XB3, Cisco XB3 and Arris XB6 with deployment close to 3.5 million devices. Tata Elxsi’s triage team interacts with all RDK-B stakeholders (from development → deployment), including customer support, production support, development, quality assurance, build and integration, and release management teams to ensure fast analysis of issues reported and effective coordination with relevant stakeholders to resolve the same.

Tata Elxsi’s 2 Pronged Triage Process for RDK-V and RDK-B:

    1. Reactive Traige: based on incidents reported by subscribers; defects which cannot be resolved by the customer support team over the call with subscriber are raised as an incident to production support team. Environment related issues get resolved with their support.

    However, if the production support is not able to resolve this incident, a JIRA ticket is raised and assigned to the Triage team to identify the root cause. Triage team conducts an in-depth analysis of this issue to understand whether the issue is caused due to any environmental issue like signal strength, provisioning, activation, client side browser cache issues etc., or the issue is related to any defect in the platform software stack. Further source code analysis of the suspected modules will be conducted to identify actual cause of the defect. Potential fixes are suggested if root cause gets identified, else defect ticket raised is updated with relevant artifacts collected (Eg. logs, environmental parameters, etc.) to help developers reproduce resolve the issue and with ease.

    2. Proactive Field Triage: based on log data analysis & live field dashboards; the logs collected from the deployed field boxes are proactively analysed with the help of custom developed analytics solution. The analytics tool categorizes incidents based on geography, platform, release version or even occurrence frequency. Any deviation observed in key performance indicators (on live data dashboards) prompts triage team to analyse the specific subset of boxes that reported these variations. The objective of this analysis is to identify the root cause of the issue and proactively act on it before subscriber raises it.

    Tata Elxsi has experience in triaging wide range of RDK-B defects – including Captive Portal Issues, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Extenders and network performance related issues. Besides primary broadband gateway devices, RDK-B triage also covers RDK-V based connected client devices. Tata Elxsi’s deep knowledge in analysing issues in both RDK-V and RDK-B space helps our experts accelerate root cause identification, defect isolation and issue resolution.

    To connect with our RDK experts or for more info, please drop a note to

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