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RDK Community Updates – Support Halo Emphasizes Proactive Delivery of Support Services

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Cognizant has created a new predictive analytics tool for call centers and help desks. It is a perfect solution for sophisticated multiphase rollouts of new technology such as RDK based set tops and modems. The tool leverages analytics to predict difficult trouble tickets and issues from open cases, allowing support teams to prioritize efforts and identify trends early often resulting in a 10% increase in agent efficiency.

Support Halo emphasizes proactive delivery of support services. Our solution is comprised of dashboards with predictive analytics, and provides a holistic view of multiple agents and support services. The product includes two interactive dashboards that provide insight into support service trends.

Manager Desktop: The comprehensive manager dashboard allows near real-time oversight of cases and agents, including drill down options to provide insight into problem areas and potential solutions.

Agent Cockpit: A Multi-pane support dashboard provides an overview of agent caseload and priority tickets. Each agent has access to their unique dashboard.

In addition to these tools, Support Halo leverages predictive analytics to provide insight into the probable risk and support requirements for cases and the impact on customer sentiment. Visibility into these factors in the use cases below allows management to take proactive steps to reduce risk and resolution times.

  • Resolution Efficiency Prediction: This use case predicts resolution delays for open cases and assigns the risk level (High/Medium/Low) for each open case, allowing the manager to take proactive measures to reduce delays. For closed cases, it provides the descriptive risk analytics of the historical case data.
  • DSAT & Escalation Prediction: This use case predicts the probability of customer dissatisfaction (DSAT) and customer escalation on the open cases, and suggests reassignment to agents that have successfully handled similar cases.
  • Case Aging Insights: This use case assists in identifying and pinpointing the potential causes for resolution delays. Identifying these causes, or ‘Hot Spots,’ helps the team in prioritizing and taking remedial actions.
  • Customer Interaction Effectiveness: One of the key aspects in a pleasant customer experience is the customer interactions (touch points). This use case provides insight into the different mediums (comments, email, phone, and chat) used by the agents and customers during the case resolution process, and gauges their effectiveness.
  • Customer Sentiment Analytics: This use case provides the overall customer sentiment with regard to product and support services rendered by the agents. The text mining algorithm and customized word dictionary is applied to the customer comments, which derives the sentiment ratings.


  • Improves agent productivity 10-15%
  • Improves overall CSAT by 10-12%
  • Reduces case escalation by 15-20%
  • Reduces case backlog by 8-10%
  • Reduce team shrinkage and attrition
  • Shifts customer support from reactive to proactive mode

Increases customer and employee satisfaction, decreases cost, and increases throughput:

For more information on Support Halo contact Jamil Elayan.

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