Your Partner of Choice for RDK Solutions

By choosing Technicolor as your trusted partner, we will assure that we bring the value and expertise to your commercial RDK offering.

  • Experienced and skilled experts
  • Proactive contributions to RDK and open source initiatives
  • Value-added services for set-top boxes & gateways

Our RDK Philosophy

As a leader in product and software solutions for set-top boxes and gateways, Technicolor incorporates RDK, its software philosophies and methodologies. We have been providing RDK solutions across QAM, IP, and Hybrid devices since 2012.

Technicolor (previously Cisco) created the software architecture that became RDK-B. We open sourced much of this software and it became the foundation for RDK-B. Today, Technicolor continues to be the leader in RDK-B software through innovative new software additions and open source contributions.

Our solutions and services span a number of engagement models from integration and partnerships as well as OEM supplier. We have global R&D centers of competence dedicated to software and solution development with RDK. The solutions we provide are open and modular and can accommodate your deployment needs.


About Us

As a company who actively participates and partners in every step of the value chain from content creation, to distribution to consumption, our mission is to create the content experiences of tomorrow. With long-standing leading positions in set-top boxes, home gateways, applications and software, we invent new, personalized and immersive experiences to connect audiences to the content they love, wherever they are, whatever the device they are using.

Our high performance access solutions meet the demand for bandwidth intensive services and we keep accelerating the delivery of next gen video solutions to enjoy the best and most immersive experiences regardless of place, device, time or context.

Together, we can help audiences discover a future beyond their imagination.