About Us

Metrological enables operators to personalize their TV experience, delivering a complete product suite to launch, manage and monetize branded TV app stores and user experiences. Leveraging its cloud-based Application Platform, Metrological delivers lifecycle app support, enabling operators to bring together all content sources into a single viewer experience across any device. Metrological also offers content providers a cross operator reach of more than 20 million households with one single app. The company’s customer base includes cable and telecommunications companies, leading content providers and app developers. Founded in 2005, Metrological is based in The Netherlands with offices in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. For more information please visit

Metrological Open-Source Browser Software

Metrological recently developed open-source browser software that enables high performance rendering of HTML5 apps and next-generation user interfaces across STBs. The new software will help increase browser performance, with a smaller software footprint, and requires significantly less memory usage. The browser relies upon open-source “WebKit for Wayland” components to render UIs, and provide better windows management to control multiple applications and resource management.

The open-source browser enhancements have been contributed them to the RDK software stack for use across the pay TV industry. Liberty Global and Comcast will be the first operators to leverage the new, open-source browser enhancements to improve their ability to support enhanced IP browser-based services and applications for STBs.

Metrological RDK App Emulator

By combining Metrological’s application framework with the RDK, Metrological created the Metrological RDK Emulator: an open source development environment for app developers to remotely prototype, develop and test apps on top of the RDK.

Using the open source SDK, developers only have to develop one app, which can be published on any RDK device. Developers can also use the SDK to develop and publish their app to the Metrological App Store, a distribution platform that enables operators to launch a device independent and operator branded TV app store for STBs and other connected devices and gives content providers the ability to reach millions of households with a single app.
To date, more than 250 applications are tested and certified with the RDK Emulator and are ready for deployment on RDK-based devices.

Click here to view a video on Metrological’s RDK App Emulator.