Maximize Your Benefits from RDK

Accenture Digital Video is a global leader in system integration and test automation for MSOs, and is the official code manager of the RDK. With a deep TV Technology heritage, stretching back more than two decades, we are uniquely qualified to explain the potential of RDK to achieve operator goals, increase video platform flexibility, and reduce CPE software stack development effort.

We are actively engaged in bringing numerous RDK devices and solutions to market globally. Current RDK projects include:

  • Technical consultancy regarding state-of-the-art in middleware options
  • SI services to integrate RDK with a conditional access system and an operator’s application environment
  • Providing Accenture StormTest® automation products to test RDK-based CPE
  • Porting a third-party vendor’s technology into an RDK target platform
  • Code management of the RDK code base

Innovation Core to STB Future

Watch the below video where John Maguire of Accenture Digital Video* explains a focus on software-led innovation, and the adoption of agile development methods has resulted in STB development teams being able to innovate faster.

*Note: Accenture completed its acquisition of S3 TV Technology, RDK Code Manager and a business unit of Dublin-headquartered S3 Group on October, 2015.

About Accenture Digital Video

Accenture Digital Video is an Accenture business unit focusing on helping companies build successful digital video businesses by enabling them to capture new growth opportunities while maintaining profitability in their traditional business in a rapidly changing market. Working closely with clients, Accenture leverages a portfolio of highly relevant integrated business services enabled by open technology platforms to deliver successful video business outcomes; from thinking to planning to doing. A global industry leader, Accenture Digital Video has a 20 year track record of advancing video technology and business innovation, supported by a global workforce of more than 2,000 dedicated professionals helping clients succeed in a complex, volatile landscape. Visit us at