2017 Tech Summit Speakers


Guest Speakers – Leading Innovators, RDK Technology

We are pleased to present this year Leading Innovators in RDK technology that have contributed to change the direction, roadmap and facilitate deployment of RDK as guest speakers sharing their knowledge and experiences with the community:

Vinayak Bhat – Sr. Technology Architect, Infosys

Vinayak Vijayakumar Bhat is a graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Vinayak has 15 years of experience in Product Development for Embedded Systems. He specializes in core media solutions like Media Stacks, STB Middleware, Remote Device Management and Cloud based unified communications. Vinayak has been leading efforts to port RDK-Broadband to devices such as raspberry pi and commercial gateway product lines.

Barry Dilly – Scrum Master/Software Team Lead, Espial

Barry Dilly is Scrum Master / Software Team Lead for RDK based development at Espial. Barry has more than 15 years of experience in software engineering and is an expert in AGILE development approaches. Barry is a leader in RDK and has been working with platform since it was first used by Espial. Prior to Espial, Barry held senior software engineering roles in Vocality, ANT Software Ltd, and TechniSat Digital GmbH.

Pritam Ghanghas – RDKM Support Team Lead, Cognizant

Pritam is Tech Lead on RDK-M support programs including recent HDP port on Raspberry. He has over 9 years of experience on Linux, Video/Graphics middelware and General Aviation.

In his free time he likes to work on modern consumer FOSS UAV software. He is an active contributor/member of QGroundControl and ArduPilot projects.

Deepa Mukund – Technical Program Manager, Intel

Deepa Mukund is a Technical Program Manager with Intel managing the RDK projects at Comcast. She has over 20 years industry experience, as developer and support engineer for Setbox, cable modem and gateway solutions. She has been associated with the RDK development from its early days and is excited to be a part of a growing industry standard.

Sandeep Nair – Senior Manager RDK Platform Software, Comcast

Sandeep Nair works as a Senior Manager in Comcast who leads the core Platform Software team for RDK. He has over 18 years of industry experience. He has been associated with RDK platform software team from its early days. He is responsible for development and support of RDK Platform software features for RDK Video as well as Broadband. Sandeep leads a geographically dispersed team of engineers who builds different features for RDK platform.

Anthony Piro – Principal Engineer, Charter

Anthony Piro is a Principal Engineer on the Advanced Engineering STB team at Charter. His responsibilities include software architecture, remote controls, and prototyping on the RDK-V stack. He has over 14 years of experience developing applications and middleware on the Set-Top-Box. .

Amol Pise – Tech Lead, CPE Rack Test and Development Triage, RDK-V, Tata Elxsi

Amol is the Tech Lead of Rack Test & Development Triage for RDK-V stack. He has over 11 years of experience in Integration, Development, Triaging of embedded system products with primary focus on Comcast RDK-V Devices. He has experience in analyzing Set top Box Rack test, field issues and work closely with RDK developers, SoC/OEM vendors for the resolution of set top box issues.

Khem Raj – Distinguished Engineer (Embedded Linux), Comcast

Khem Raj is the founding member of Yocto project and is working on deploying Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded into Comcast’s RDK for STB, IoT Gateway, Home Security, optimizing open source software development and contribution procedures. He previously worked at Juniper where he was responsible to creating and maintaining Linux base operating system for upcoming Junos (Juniper’s Network Operating System) based on Yocto project. He is a contributor and maintainer for core pieces in OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project. He last spoke at ELCE 2016 in Berlin.

Weston Schmidt – Director of WPA, Comcast

Weston Schmidt is the Director for Webpa at Comcast. In this roll, Wes develops and guides the Webpa software and technology strategy. He has responsibility for the engineering & operations of the service and oversees the project roadmap. Under Wes’s leadership, his team has driven Webpa from a proof of concept project to a production service with nearly 18 million devices connected, 30 million requests/day and over 1 billion notifications/day in under 2 years. Prior to working on the Webpa project, Wes led the EBIF user agent development team at Comcast.

Arun Sunny – Lead Data Analyst RDK Triage, Tata Elxsi

Arun Sunny leads the Data Analysis wing of RDK triage team. He has an overall experience of 9 years in Set Top Box world and has been an integral part of RDK triage for the last 6 years. He has extensive knowledge about RDK Architecture its Components and how it works. He currently specializes on the RDK-Broadband front helping Comcast team to proactively monitor modems, identify issues and works along with the Dev team to fold the fixes onto the next SW release.

Dan Torbet – Director of System Engineering, ARRIS Global Services – IP Video Practice

Dan Torbet has been involved in the Broadband Telecommunications industry for 25 years. Early in his career, Dan worked at Jones Internet Channel where he oversaw all of the engineering and technical operations from its inception. During this time, Dan was involved with the Library of Congress on initiatives to digitize the Library’s collections and make them more available in schools using cable modems. Later, Dan moved to High Speed Access (HSA) where he served as the Director of Internet Services and worked to expand High Speed Data Services for Charter. Dan left HSA in 2000 to join ARRIS in the Certification and testing group. Dan has since worked in several different capacities at ARRIS and has actively participated in DOCSIS 2.0, 3.0, PacketCable 2.0, M-CMTS, CableHome, DRFI, and most recently the DOCSIS 3.1 and SDN and Virtual Provisioning Interfaces specification efforts. Today, Dan is a Director of Systems Engineering reporting to the CTO for Network Equipment at ARRIS. In this role Dan has responsibility defining product requirements for IP Video, Virtualization and disaggregation of DOCSIS and DPoE Systems, Transcoding, DOCSIS 3.1 Management, SDN and IPv6. Dan also serves as the Vice Chair for the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force, and a Vice-Chair IEEE ComSoc Sub-Committee on SDN and NFV.

Jeff Tyre – Distinguished Systems Engineer, ARRIS Global Services – IP Video Practice

Jeff Tyre is currently a Distinguished Systems Engineer with the ARRIS Global Services team in the IP Video practices group. As part of this team, Jeff supports developing solution strategies as customers look to transition from traditional video delivery networks to IP Video networks. Previous industry positions include Director of Product Management in ARRIS’s IP Video Systems product group, Senior Manager in Juniper Networks’ Content Delivery Business Unit and Director of Product Marketing at RGB Networks with focus on advanced advertising solutions in the CableTV market.

Lead Speakers

Glee Abraham – Head, Community Programs & Operations, RDK Management, LLC

Glee leads key community investment initiatives and operations, and oversees the community partnership programs such as ASP & MSP, which are designed to accelerate community participation and learning, and promote members’ products and services to the RDK community. In addition, Glee has been leading RDK Technology Summits since 2013 and has delivered training sessions for RDK new comers.

Ajith James – Development Lead & RDK Contribution Analyst, RDK Management, LLC

As development lead for RDK Managements tooling and support initiatives, Ajith leads the development of tools such as TDK & RDK Emulator. In addition Ajith works closely with component owners to facilitate community code contributions and resolve technical clarifications.

Sarveswaran Nagarajan – Software Architect TDK, RDK Management, LLC

Sarveswaran is the Software Architect for TDK Video tool used for the validation of RDK-V stack. He has over 8 years of experience in Set-Top Box, CA card and middleware development. He currently leads the automation and validation of RDK-V using TDK Video.

Sreelal Nampoothiri – Architect, TDK for Broadband, RDK Management, LLC

Sreelal is the Software Architect for RDK tools and simulators that are used for diagnostics and validation. He has 10 years of experience in Set-Top Box application and middleware development. He currently leads the development of the TDK and RDK DVR diagnostic tools.

Sugasini Velusamy – Architect, TDK for Broadband, RDK Management, LLC

Sugasini is the Software Architect for TDK Broadband tool used for the validation of RDK-B stack. She has over 8 years of experience in Set-Top Box, Broadband Gateway application and middleware development. She currently leads the automation and validation of RDK-B using TDK Broadband.

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