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RDK Community Updates – NOS and Espial Transform the Video Experience in Portugal

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The Challenge: Redefine the Subscriber Video Experience in Portugal

“Our true competition is starting to appear through the Internet… We needed to be prepared; we needed to have an answer so that our customers would not have a need to subscribe to their services.”

Pedro Bandeira, Head of Development, NOS

NOS – Portugal’s leading cable operator – must continually redefine their consumer experience to excite the imagination of their subscribers.

Cognizant of the new Over the Top (OTT) video competitors threatening other global pay TV operators, NOS knew that they needed a strong response to remain on the cutting edge of video development- ahead of the entrance of these new rivals into Portugal.

Using a pioneering strategy, the innovators at NOS embarked on an ambitious project to completely redesign their User Experience (UX) to bring the next generation of video based on RDK to their subscribers. With a strategy prioritizing their subscribers and their experience, continuous development and flexibility, and open source technologies, NOS knew they needed the right partner to tackle this ambitious goal.

After coming out on top during a competitive assessment, NOS selected Espial for their cloud and client solution set and RDK expertise. In addition, Espial Elite – professional services – was chosen as systems integrator.

The Solution: A Partnership to Redefine the User Experience

Espial’s solution leveraged key differentiators, including:

  • A high-performance STB client, the Espial G4 Client, to enable NOS to create a unique and immersive UX integrating linear television, cloud DVR, and timeshift services with advanced apps
  • Industry standards such as HTLM5 (UX and Apps), and MPEG-DASH over proprietary or native approaches
  • A layered software approach with a separate UX module allowing for complete design control
  • The RDK environment, an open-source community-led initiative which accelerates time to market and brings economies of scale
  • Espial Elite – among the world’s most experienced integrators of next-gen video solutions – worked closely with the NOS team, providing project management and integration of the end-to-end NOS video ecosystem including Broadcom chipsets, Arris STBs, Nagra Conditional Access, and Nuance voice recognition

The Results

Together, NOS and Espial have worked to successfully develop Europe’s newest hybrid IP video service and it is now actively deploying throughout Portugal. Leveraging key technologies such as RDK and HTML5, and applying the latest Agile methodologies, NOS and Espial completed the project in a record timeframe measured in months, rather than years.

Its centerpiece is a next generation premium video experience with first-to-market features including 4K video, voice control, nDVR, and a fully 1080 UX. NOS’s new service deployment also represents several industry firsts in the RDK environment, including Europe’s first MSO to commercially deploy voice recognition, the first RDK deployment outside of the founding partners (Comcast and Liberty), and the world’s fastest HTML5 performance on a commercial STB. The solution positions NOS to be very competitive going forward. With this launch, NOS expects to increase ARPU, attract millennial subscribers and reset consumer expectations for video service in Portugal, becoming a flag-bearer for video service providers throughout Europe.

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