Media Sponsorship Program

What is MSP?

The Media Sponsorship Program is an exciting new way for RDK members to get even more exposure with their participation in RDK! It acts as an advertising platform for RDK community members to drive awareness of their products, skills and knowledge.

Platinum Gold
Logo Placement on RDK Central Prominent Small
Logo Placement in RDK Newsletters, Reports Prominent Small
Featured Member RDK Central Promotions Yes Yes
RDK Community Blogs on RDK Central Yes Yes
Microsite on RDK Central Full Page Half Page
Ability to upload Marketing Video on Microsite Yes No
ASP Webinar Series Sponsorship and Presentation Yes No
Featured Member E-Mail Promotions Yes Yes
RDKM Authored White-Papers/Articles Yes No
RDK Conference Attendance 6 4
RDK Conference Sponsorship 1st Opportunity 2nd Opportunity
RDK Conference Sponsorship Discount USD 5000 / Year No

What Do MSP Members Receive?

  • RDK Central Website Presence
  • Logo Placement on RDK Central
  • Presence in Newsletters
  • Industry Conference Presence
  • Submit videos for use on RDK Wiki
  • RDK Conference Sponsorship
  • VIP Tours at Conferences

Learn More

To learn more about becoming an MSP member, contact Glee Abraham.