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RDK Community Updates – Humax and Commercial RDK Products

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With a rich know-how accumulated over 20 years of designing and manufacturing STB, Humax developed a commercial level DVB-RDK product. It included the following key features based on RDK 2.0 framework.

  • Highly modularized architecture of DVB SI satisfying operator’s requirements
  • CAS architecture compliant with the most severe security requirements
  • Supplementary API’s for web application, CAS, system settings, etc.
  • Server and Client model for easy configuration of product types such as headed/headless gateway, and multi-room clients
  • OIPF and HbbTV support for the application framework
  • Satellite tuner and DiseqC control
  • Various add-on packages such as subtitles, teletext, DVB-SSU, DRM, DLNA, etc.

Humax demonstrated the product to customers during several recent exhibitions and received excellent feedback. Humax is expecting to see more DVB products on the market and will continue to be an excellent partner in deploying and delivering RDK solutions.

Moving forward with RDK

Next, Humax is considering to build up heterogeneous IP client connected to the media server which uses a different MW platform such as Humax proprietary MW (OCTO), Android TV, Alticaptor, and the other 3rd party MW.

The main goal of this product is to utilize the existing eco-system and legacy media server supporting IP streaming. Because Humax has the know-how in system design and optimization, the system will have a simple architecture and remove unused components from the generic RDK to reduce memory size (targeting under 512M DRAM). Although it is light, it will have all basic IP client features including IP streaming, UI for EPG and settings, and interconnection to back-end solutions. As a target back-end system, Humax is considering to integrate with Alticast solution.

Visit us online at humaxdigital.com or email inquiries to: rdk@humaxdigital.com

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