RDK Community Updates

RDK Community Updates – Support Halo Emphasizes Proactive Delivery of Support Services

Cognizant has created a new predictive analytics tool for call centers and help desks. It is a perfect solution for sophisticated multiphase rollouts of new technology such as RDK based set tops and modems. The tool leverages analytics to predict difficult trouble tickets and issues from open cases, allowing support teams to prioritize efforts and […]

RDK Community Updates – NOS and Espial Transform the Video Experience in Portugal

The Challenge: Redefine the Subscriber Video Experience in Portugal “Our true competition is starting to appear through the Internet… We needed to be prepared; we needed to have an answer so that our customers would not have a need to subscribe to their services.” Pedro Bandeira, Head of Development, NOS NOS – Portugal’s leading cable […]

RDK Community Updates – Humax and Commercial RDK Products

With a rich know-how accumulated over 20 years of designing and manufacturing STB, Humax developed a commercial level DVB-RDK product. It included the following key features based on RDK 2.0 framework. Highly modularized architecture of DVB SI satisfying operator’s requirements CAS architecture compliant with the most severe security requirements Supplementary API’s for web application, CAS, […]

RDK Community Updates – Exiting Adolescence, RDK-B Now Ready to Contribute to the Grown-up Service Provider World

We have seen RDK-B born and successfully pass through childhood and adolescence, with Service Providers launching it on millions of devices to great success. ARRIS has been there throughout this journey with our TG1682 (Comcast XB3) as well as through code contributions. Now that RDK-B has passed into adulthood and is maturing rapidly, the next […]

RDK Community Updates – Technicolor Steps Up Focus on RDK-B

Cable broadband service providers can look forward to an open, standardized software stack for cable gateways that is more resilient, flexible and robust in the wake of the Technicolor acquisition of Cisco Connected Devices in November 2015. Not only did Technicolor acquire the team behind the Reference Design Kit for Broadband (RDK-B), but all 20+ […]

RDK Community Updates – The DevOps Transformation

During the 2016 RDK Users Conference in Orlando, Cognizant spoke on a panel about how DevOps can improve speed to market and quickly incorporate feedback. Cognizant offers a full suite of organizational transformation services that include DevOps, Agile, and consulting services. The following is an excerpt from our speaker on the DevOps panel.   To […]

RDK Community Updates – Tata Elxsi at the 2016 RDK Users Conference

Multi service operators (MSOs) across the globe already acknowledge the value in deploying RDK and are now focusing on accelerating their RDK rollouts. Tata Elxsi is a strategic partner to leading adopters of RDK in the industry. Tata Elxsi partners with top 3 MSOs and 11 leading technology vendors in RDK deployments. Backed by this […]

RDK Community Updates – Your 2016 Resolution: Gaining Speed and Agility With Espial

Video service providers worldwide are facing unprecedented competition. With the proliferation of Web-based video services, the benchmark for agility and velocity in service evolution is no longer restricted to threats presented by traditional competitors. The new benchmark is now set by highly innovative organizations like Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook. These next-gen competitors did not […]

RDK Community Updates – RDK-B a Foundation to Whole Home Intelligence?

The open architecture of RDK-V has accrued significant advantages to Video Service Providers when building new features, and accessing data from devices in the field. With RDK, the option is now available to freely deploy agent software to gather critical insights such as STB performance, QoE, and audience behaviour. With the introduction of RDK-B for […]

RDK Community Updates – Askey: Your Direct and Complete RDK Partner

Askey provides a direct and complete service from cost competitive design to high quality manufacture in broadband, IP, and video technology. We have continually worked with our customers to transform the experience of communications and entertainment for millions of families through more than 170 MSOs around the world. The people of Askey are dedicated to […]