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July 2015 RDK Report: Build RDK Apps Without Hardware

It used to be that one of the hardest parts about getting any app onto any cable provider platform was the matter of how to build it, test it, and validate it without a cable headend and set-top box. For RDK-based boxes, that’s no longer a gating factor, thanks to Metrological’s new RDK App Emulator […]

July 2015 RDK Report: I’m in RDK-Charles Cheevers

When he was but a wee lad in Ireland, Charles Cheevers – RDK pioneer, computer scientist, former body builder – wanted to be a carpenter, like his dad. He realized his passion was in video and technology in 1980, when he stood in line to buy a ZX81 home computer (which used the television as […]

July 2015 RDK Report: What People are Saying About RDK

Balan Nair, Liberty Global DigitalTV Europe: Cable Congress 2015 interviews: Balan Nair, Liberty Global: April 2, 2015 “The reason we took the RDK path is that, while we did see the cost-efficiency and time-to-market benefits, we wanted to drive scale with this new ecosystem. When Comcast funded the initiative to embed a lot of software […]

July 2015 RDK Report: Mid-Year RDK Update

The RDK made the rounds with gusto since our last edition, sweeping INTX and ANGA COM in Chicago and Cologne, Germany, respectively, with word of deployments, serendipitous surprises, tools, and a plausible intersection between RDK-Broadband (RDK-B) and the vastly fragmented Internet of Things (IoT). Let’s take INTX first. In Chicago May 4-7, the show we […]

July 2015 RDK Report: Letter From The Editor

Hello RDK Comrades, I’m stepping in as Guest Editor of this edition of the RDK Report fresh off serving as a panelist at an RDK session at ANGA COM in Germany. For us, in Liberty Global, the RDK eco-system is dear to our hearts. (It pretty much always is!) People often ask me why we […]