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RDK Community Updates – Best Practices for Set-Top Box Product Development and Management

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The Set-top Box continues to be the central device in the home. The addition of features such as PVR, video-on-demand gives the consumer significantly more choice in what they can watch. However, the speed of change in the industry means that video service providers must move rapidly to delivered new features, to keep subscriber bases interested in their products and reduce churn.

Video service providers must be efficient in their service, product delivery and management practices. This whitepaper addresses the challenges of managing software platforms and suggests best practices and approaches to adopt including:

  • Placing a focus on total cost of ownership over the complete product lifecycle, promoting the careful management of each stage of the product lifecycle to minimize overall costs
  • Building-in quality through tightly controlled development cycles, that span the whole lifetime of an STB
  • Adding new features in a controlled and disciplined fashion. Spending less time fire-fighting problems, and more development time designing and rolling out new features

A white paper discussing Best Practices for Set-Top Box Product Development and Management can be viewed here. The paper was written by Robert Colbert, Software Architect, Accenture Digital Video. Robert has been working in technical leadership roles in the Broadcast and Communications domain for 24 years, with specialist knowledge in the areas of video platforms, consumer electronics and platform integration.

About Accenture Digital Video

Accenture Digital Video is an Accenture business unit focusing on helping companies build successful digital video businesses by enabling them to capture new growth opportunities while maintaining profitability in their traditional business in a rapidly changing market. Working closely with clients, Accenture leverages a portfolio of highly relevant integrated business services enabled by open technology platforms to deliver successful video business outcomes; from thinking to planning to doing. A global industry leader, Accenture Digital Video has a 20 year track record of advancing video technology and business innovation, supported by a global workforce of more than 2,000 dedicated professionals helping clients succeed in a complex, volatile landscape. Visit us at www.accenturestormtest.com.

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