The ASP program provides members with exclusive access to advanced training materials, component designs and RDK updates. The training initiatives have been expanded in depth of content and in reach as the ASP program has grown, addressing the need for access to entry level and advanced information on the components and use of the RDK. By leveraging web based technology, we can expand the reach of training to ASP members, giving you 24/7 access to much of the material available.

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RDK Technology Summit

The RDK Technology Summit is held every summer. It is a one-stop event to catch-up on the latest updates and innovations in RDK technology. The Summit also includes training sessions for RDK novices. The hands-on sessions are a great way to experience the RDK and learn many of the “how to’s” that make development easier and faster. ASP members are allocated a number of discounted seats to the hands-on training sessions offered throughout the year. These seats could cost as much as $1500 per session but are available as part of the ASP program at a discounted rate.

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The latest technology advancements in RDK are covered in monthly webinars presented by RDKM. These webinars are specially designed to enhance the understanding within the ASP community on new RDK features, components, profiles and architectural improvements. The webinars attendees can interact with the expert presenters and ask questions via live chat. While most webinars are exclusive to RDK ASP members, a select few webinars are opened up to the paid registration from the RDK community. The webinars videos, related documentation and responses to all questions submitted during each webinar are made available online exclusively to ASP members for later reference.

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Online RDK training videos

RDK-M will continue to use online videos as a great way to make RDK information available exclusively to ASP members 24/7 wherever you are. Our library has grown rapidly and we are committed to continually adding new content to benefit ASP members.