The ASP program provides members with expanded access to multiple channels of support. RDKM maintains an exclusive area of the RDK Wiki and Jira Ticketing System for supporting the ASP community.

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Wiki and Moderated Support Forums

The RDK Wiki is the central repository of data for the RDK. It houses the links to RDK documentation, FAQs, forums, release information, and news about RDK activity. While the RDK community has access to the unmoderated open forums for support from the open source community, ASP members receive access to expert moderated forums. Questions posted on the ASP moderated forums receive the highest priority level of attention from RDKM’s support team.

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Jira Ticketing

The RDK Jira ticketing system is open to the entire RDK community and is primarily used to submit RDK defects and to track code submissions. ASP members receive exclusive access to technical support ticketing. RDKM’s expert team of engineers analyzes queries submitted by ASP members and responds in a timely manner.

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Code Contribution Ingest Support

RDK source code submissions by the community will be attended to by the component owners and will be merged into the RDK trunk in due course. ASP members are provided with access to RDKM’s team of contribution analysts who work closely with the component owners to prioritize the ingest of code submissions, ensuring that the source code is merged into the RDK trunk as promptly as possible. In special cases which warrant architecture discussions, RDKM will arrange discussions and conference calls between ASP members who submit code, and the RDK component owners and upstream development teams. This is an exclusive benefit to ASP members.
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