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ASP members get access to development set top boxes or reference boards that allow developers to validate software or provide demos without a headend connection. The units consist of special set top boxes (STB) and software that provide a functional environment for development and validation of RDK applications and solutions. In the past, RDKM was supplying Arris Hybrid Gateways and Media Client STBs as the reference platforms. Currently RDKM is transitioning to a raspberry pi based reference platform. The WizaRDKit platform is reviewed periodically to ensure relevance to the community.

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RDK Emulator

This development tool allows ASP members to load an RDK emulator on a PC, allowing validation of application software and platform components without the need for a set top box. This is a great way to quickly get initial verification of functionality prior to ongoing development or testing. The emulator also allows users to develop while travelling without the need to access specific hardware.

Download the RDK Emulator Data Sheet.

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Test Development Kit (TDK)

The TDK is a generic automated test kit for testing of RDK components and end-to-end scenarios facilitated by a web based user interface. It is designed to support configuration, test creation, execution and result aggregation. TDK supports Python scripting and Tcl scripting for enhanced flexibility, ease of usage and extensibility. It has a modular architecture designed to withstand changes in the underlying RDK implementation including API changes and testing of new components. The TDK can be extensively used to test RDK-V set-top boxes, RDK-B modem/routers, or individual RDK components in a standalone environment away from the MSO head-end systems.

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HTML5 Tool

This software contains a suite of test tools and guide-like functionality to support the development and validation of HTML5 applications of an RDK set top box. It is a great way for ASP members developing web based applications or software heavily dependent on HTML5 functionality to identify potential issues and validate software.

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Build Scripts

RDK-M is providing a suite of build scripts to facilitate the build process to ASP members. These scripts will be available on the wiki and will reduce the time requirements for creating build environments and the entire build process.